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Syd Smith, Clerk to the Parish Council, wrote to Peterborough City Council regarding the buffer zone between the existing properties on Woodland Lea and  Nightingales ,the new development.  The following is the reply received from Louise Lovegrove :-

Please accept my apologies for not replying sooner.  I hope to provide clarity and a better explanation for the current situation.
The ‘buffer zone’ to the properties along Woodland Lea has been included within the rear gardens of the new dwellings which I do understand has confused and upset a number of residents.  This is because there was no way of us reaching an acceptable layout with the buffer zone being left over to Public Open Space (and therefore within the ownership of the Developer).
There is a requirement for this buffer to be afforded with security, either through natural surveillance or enclosure within the gardens. We would have either had to have dwellings fronting onto this zone (which would have resulted in unacceptable overlooking to the rear gardens of the neighbours) or provided the buffer within gardens.  The decision was made to agree to the latter as this was the solution which had least impact upon residents.
We were not able to secure the buffer being separate and fenced off as it would have still posed a security threat with persons being able to gain unauthorised access without being noticed.  This is not a solution the Police or Officers would have accepted.
In terms of maintenance of the buffer, there is a planning condition which requires it to remain in place for a period of 5 years from planting and we are able to enforce this.  Beyond that period, it is my understanding that the Developer has imposed a covenant however, as you rightly state, this would be a civil matter in terms of enforcement.  It is not a matter which the Council can get involved in.
I appreciate that the situation is not ideal however please be assured that we have considered the best way of achieving the buffer given the difficulties of security, neighbour amenity and future maintenance.
I hope that the above is of use however please do not hesitate to come back to me should you have any further queries.

Louise Lovegrove
Senior Development Management Officer
Planning Services
Growth and Regeneration Directorate


From the sites submitted for inclusion into the new Peterborough Local Plan only one was accepted as being a preferred site.  Details have now been released of the reasons given for the decisions.

Longstone Way (large plot to south of west street)– rejected

Rejected: There are no major constraints on the site. Access could be gained from West St to the north. The site could link through to the preferred site HEL006H, however at this stage sufficient land has been proposed for development in the urban area and Large Villages as well as a site in Helpston. 40/25

Land at Helpston Garden Centre part A – rejected

Rejected: There are no major constraints, however the site is detached from the main part of the settlement. Other more suitable sites have been preferred for development in the urban area and Large Villages as well as a site in Helpston. 15/30

Land at Helpston Garden centre part B – rejected

Rejected: This site is detached from the main settlement form and would result in the loss of the garden centre. The sitecould come forward subsequent to other development closer to the built form coming forward first. Sufficient alternative developable land has been selected as the preferred option for Helpston. 25/25

North of West Street – rejected

Rejected: This site would extend north from the village and not fit with its form and character. Part of the site lies within the Conservation Area, therefore any development here would need to have regard to this. A preferred site has been chosen north of Broad Wheel Road. 65/25

Land west of Grasslands – rejected

Rejected: There are no major constraints with this site. It is slightly detached from the main form of the settlement. Sufficient alternative developable land has been selected for development in the urban area and Large Villages as well as a site in Helpston. 15/25

Woodgate Farm – rejected

Rejected: There are no major constraints associated with this site. The site is outside of the conservation area but adjacent to in places, so regard should be had in that respect. The site has moderate landscape impact, with views across open countryside extending south and east. Sufficient alternative developable land has been selected for development in the urban area and Large Villages as well as a site in Helpston. 40/25

Land off Broad Wheel Road – preferred

Preferred: Regard should be had to any existing public rights of way crossing the site. The site links in with the nearby primary school and opportunities could be sought for enhancements to recreation facilities.

A transport statement will be required. No highway objection to the principal, however significant off-site highway works will be required to fully reconstruct Broadwheel Road and widen to current standards and provide a footway along the site frontage. Adequate access in line with current standards, good pedestrian connectivity and parking in accordance with PP13 are essential. 60/25

Primary John Clare. Secondary Arthur Mellows Village College. AMVC could be  extended (minor) but AMVC could not accommodate all the possible rural developments. John Clare could be extended if additional land available.



A real welcome to Helpston, a delightful village with a wonderful rural and historic heritage.  Be part of it !

Welcome to the Helpston Parish Council website. If you are new to the village or to this website its intention is to help residents and visitors find out about the amazing range of things that happen in this fantastic village. If you have events to publicise or suggestions to improve the website or just want to know more please contact us.  Telephone numbers for the Clerk and Chairman of the Parish Council can be found on the Parish Council page under the “village organisations”  drop down menu.

Helpston is a flourishing village between Peterborough and Stamford with a real sense of community. It was home to John Clare, the countryside poet, and his name and work are a proud part of our heritage. We have a primary school, numerous clubs and societies, and many local businesses. This web site is provided by the Parish Council to share information about the village and its community.

You can also find a library of photos of the village past and present and information about the wildlife and countryside around the village.

There are some suggested walks and of course plenty of links to information about John Clare – you can even listen to readings of his poems and sounds of the natural world.

If you have any suggestions to improve this site or would like to add information please contact us

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m baumber March 28, 2017 at 4:39 pm

I am considering purchase of ‘The Stables’, Main st Helpston, next door to the Helpston shop.

1. Is it within the Helpston Conservation area, please?
2. Would the replacement of windows with upvc frames and double glazing be permitted, please?

I look forward to hearing from you

Mike Baumber.


Roy Hinchliff April 10, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Dear Mike,
Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been away.
The Stables is within the Helpston Conservation Area. I would suggest you contact Peterborough City Council’s Conservation Officer, Jim Daley, on 01733 453522. He should be able to advise on what kind of windows would be acceptable.
Kind regards,
Roy Hinchliff, website administrator


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