Around Helpston

Helpston is located in north-west Cambridgeshire, about seven miles from Stamford and six from Peterborough.

From the centre of the village roads lead out north, south, east and west.

At the eastern end of the village is Helpston level crossing, one of the busiest in the country crossing both the East Coast main north-south rail link between London and Edinburgh and the east-west line between Harwich and Liverpool.

To the east the countryside is largely arable farmland – flat and relatively open, merging into the typical fenland landscapes east of Peterborough. To the south and west, Helpston is surrounded by fields, hedgerows and woods, including large woodlands at Castor Hanglands and Southey Woods. To the north former gravel pits at Maxey and Bainton now provide large areas of wetland.

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