Langdyke Membership

Membership of the Langdyke Countryside Trust

Membership is open to anyone who supports the aims of the Langdyke Countryside Trust:

  • To manage, to acquire or assist in the acquisition of local sites in order to enhance the flora, fauna and landscape.
  • To provide educational and recreational opportunities for members of the public by allowing appropriate access to sites and in particular to provide interpretive displays, guided tours or otherwise disseminate information about the area and its flora and fauna.
  • To acknowledge and promote the natural history and literary references made about the area by John Clare and the naturalist Charles Rothschild.

Members of the Trust

  • Receive a quarterly email up-date on the Trust’s activities and a round up of what’s going on in the local natural world as well as a list of dates of forthcoming events
  • Receive a free copy of the Trust’s annual report
  • Can attend any of the Trust’s events, including the regular nature walks, free of charge

There is no set fee for membership, although we recommend around £25 a year.

We would ask our supporters to give what they can afford on an annual basis. We certainly do not want any of our supporters to feel that they cannot continue to be involved with the Trust because of cost.

To become a member, please print off the form below and return it to David Cowcill, 18 Welmore Road,
Glinton, Peterborough PE6 7LU or use our membership form – Langdyke Membership Form

 Yes, we would like to be members of the Langdyke Countryside Trust. I enclose a cheque for £25 [suggested fee] as our first year’s membership.  I would rather make a one-off donation in support of the Trust’s work  I support the Trust’s work but would rather not make a financial contribution


Your details will be kept solely for use by the Langdyke Countryside Trust.
Your records will be updated and used in accordance with any requirements of the Data Protection Act.

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