Botolph’s Barn Access Policy

Botoloph’s Barn has been established to fulfil two principal purposes:

  1. The preservation, maintenance and management of a historic building within Helpston’s conservation area.
  2. The creation of a meeting venue for the church and the community as a whole.

The Barn is designed as a high quality meeting and exhibition venue. Its usage should reflect this status and its principle purposes, with an emphasis on events that are in keeping with its church, community, heritage, environmental and educational themes. Within this context, small, private parties are permitted at the discretion of the Barn Booking Manager.

The Barn is committed to its use by the whole local community in a representative and inclusive manner. All community groups have equal access and all can expect to be treated in a fair and transparent way. Bookings will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis.

In addition, in order to raise income to cover the costs of running the Barn, the Barn is also available for commercial hire as a meeting venue.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St Botolph’s Church Helpston, which has ultimate responsibility for the Barn, has agreed the following access policy to reflect these objectives and the Barn’s education policy.

Community use

  • The Barn can be booked by members of the Helpston community in advance through the Barn manager. It is also available to groups outside Helpston, who reflect the Barn’s principle purposes as mentioned above.
  • The booking fee for community use is £6.50p an hour. 30 mintues can be used free of charge for setting or tidying up if appropriate. For example, by exhibitions or parties.

Use by St Botolph’s Church

  • The Barn is reserved for use by the parish church of St Botolph’s on the second and fourth Sunday mornings of the month. The Barn will be open every Sunday morning to allow for the use of the lavatory by the congregation.
  • At any other time, the Barn can be booked by/for use by St Botolph’s in advance through the Barn manager, although the church will have no priority over other community or commercial bookings.
  • The Barn shall be free of charge for groups or individuals operating as part of St Botolph’s (to be defined if necessary by the PCC).

Semi-commercial use

  • The Barn especially welcomes small enterprises such as exercise classes. These will be charged at a rate of £10.00 per hour.

Booking policy

  • All bookings for use of the Barn will be through the Barn manager, who will be responsible for collecting the fees, passing them to the Church Treasurer.
  • The key to the Barn for all meetings booked in advance will be available from the Barn manager only. Regular users may be issued with a key for convenience at the discretion of the Barn manager.
  • Bookings will be taken on a “first come first served” basis.
  • No priority will be given to any one group or individual, with the exception of the permanent reservation of the Barn by the Church on the second and fourth Sunday mornings of each month. The Barn will be open for the use of the lavatory every Sunday morning whether there is a booking or not.
  • Booking forms should address issues of liability and health and safety.

Equipment hire

  • The Barn’s kitchen equipment and projector and screen are available for hire for use at other venues within the benefice and by recognised village community groups, provided they are not required for use in the Barn at the same time.
  • Responsibility for any damage will lie with the individual or group hiring the equipment, who will be expected to replace it on a like for like basis.
  • The Barn manager has discretion as to whether to charge for the loan of kitchen equipment, but should charge a suitable deposit.
  • There shall be no charge for Church groups as defined by the PCC.


  • The PCC is responsible for implementing this access policy.
  • Changes to this policy can only be made by the PCC.
  • This policy should be reviewed annually.
  • Charges for Barn usage will be reviewed annually by the PCC, with the presumption that they will rise roughly in line with costs.
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