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Serves this Parish as the tier of Local Government below the City Council. It reviews all the local planning applications and helps to lead and develop the village community with a Community Action Plan. It also arranges regular activities such as the annual Litter / Rubbish pick and will help groups to initiate activities connected with special occasions. It has powers to fund some village club’s own special projects using either Section 106/POIS/CIL (building levies) or Section 137 (budgeted Parish tax from the precept).

The Parish Council usually meets on the first Monday of each month in the Village Hall. Agendas and minutes of meetings are always displayed in the Parish Council’s own notice board outside the Post Office.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings which begin promptly at 7:30pm.

Agendas are prepared by the Clerk after discussion with the Chairman. If a member of the public wishes to see an item on the agenda they must first discuss the issue with a PARISH COUNCILLOR who can then invite the Chairman to consider including it on the Agenda.

Members of the public may raise any matter at the beginning of every meeting under the item “Public Participation” (when the meeting is adjourned and becomes a “Public Meeting”) but cannot take part in the formal Parish Council meeting (which is a meeting of the elected Parish Councillors).

If anyone would like to know more about becoming a Parish Councillor or what the Council does, please do contact the Clerk.

The Parish Councillors are:

Joe Dobson | Chairman | James Bradford (Almshouses) Trustee | Parish Liaison Group
Tel: 01733 IMG_0586252192  





Rosemary Morton  | Vice Chairman | James Bradford (Almshouses) Trustee | Tarmac Liaison Group rep.

Alastair Bradley | Cambs. and Peterborough Association of Parish Councils rep. | Defibrillator management

Alex Driver | Speedwatch co-ordinator | Barnack Ward Group representative

David Dykes | Churchyard and Cemetery Overseer

Gill Jolly| Village Hall Committee representative

Lesley Newitt |Churchyard and Cemetery Overseer

Tim Thompson | Police Consultation Group representative | Barnack Ward Group representative

Jean Mead | Parish Councils Liaison Group rep.

Meetings require a quorum of three members for business to be legally transacted.

Syd Smith is The Parish Clerk (Proper Officer) and The Responsible Legal and Financial Officer. He can be contacted by email on or on 01733 252903


Copies of recent Parish Council minutes and other significant documents can be found by clicking the links below. The latest minutes are normally only published after approval at the next meeting: 

180109 JAN 2018 Minutes

180206 FEB 2018 Minutes

180213 FEB2 2018 Minutes

180306 MARCH 2018 Minutes

180416 APM 2018 Minutes

180417 April 2018 Minutes

180515 May APC 2018 Minutes

180515 May 2018 Minutes

Audit Notice

180604 June 2018 Minutes

180710 July 2018 Minutes

180824 Sept 2018 Agenda

180904 DRAFT Sept 2018 Minutes

180925 Oct 2018 Agenda

Audit documents for publication….see below

CA0126_closureletter_1536076320 (dragged)

CA0126 AGAR (dragged)

CA0126 AGAR (dragged) 2

CA0126 S3

181002 Oct 2018 Minutes

181024 November 2018 Agenda

181126 December 2018 Agenda


The Stage 2 Hearings

The document above gives details of the Stage 2 Hearings held by a Government Inspector into the proposed inclusion of site LP41.5 into the Local Plan. Cllr Joe Dobson (Chairman) and Syd Smith (Clerk) attended and presented this Parish Council’s case against any further development of large sites in Helpston. We now await the Inspector’s conclusions.

180601 Insurance certificate 2018 2018

The above document is published as a statutory requirement.

Smells in Broadwheel Road….

Helpston Parish Council has been informed about “smells” from the main sewer in Broadwheel Road. The last time we heard about this we wrote to Anglian Water and they carried out “odour checks”. They told us that our report (back in June 2017) was the only instance of this problem that had been reported direct to them. People are still, however, telling Helpston PC about this. Instead complainants should contact Anglian Water direct when they notice anything amiss because …. a) it is only Anglian Water that can solve the mystery, b) receiving a single complaint from Helpston PC some weeks after the issue has been reported to us simply gives time for the problem to “drift away”, c) the more, different people who complain, the more likely Anglian Water are to take the matter seriously – if it does actually warrant action!

So, after this last report, Anglian Water tell us that they will carry out further “odour checks” over the next two weeks (today is 8th November 2018) and advise us if they find anything.

But please, if YOU experience this problem, call 03457 145 145 and report it !

To discuss any matter please contact:-

  • Any of your local Parish Councillors – contact details are given above and in the Parish Council Notice Board  at the Village Shop
  • E-mail: 


Your input and constructive involvement is welcome.



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