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Serves this Parish as the tier of Local Government below the City Council. It reviews all the local planning applications and helps to lead and develop the village community with a Community Action Plan. It also arranges regular activities such as the annual Litter / Rubbish pick and will help groups to initiate activities connected with special occasions. It has powers to fund some village club’s own special projects using either Section 106/POIS/CIL (building levies) or Section 137 (budgeted Parish tax from the precept).

The Parish Council usually meets on the first Monday of each month in the Village Hall. Agendas and minutes of meetings are always displayed in the Parish Council’s own notice board outside the Post Office.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings which begin promptly at 7:30pm. Agendas are prepared by the Clerk after discussion with the Chairman. If a member of the public wishes to see an item on the agenda they must first discuss the issue with a PARISH COUNCILLOR who can then invite the Chairman to consider including it on the Agenda.

Members of the public may raise any matter at the beginning of every meeting under the item “Public Participation” (when the meeting is adjourned and becomes a “Public Meeting” but cannot take part in the formal Parish Council meeting (which is a meeting of the elected Parish Councillors).

If anyone would like to know more about becoming a Parish Councillor or what the Council does, please do contact the Clerk.

The Parish Councillors are:

Joe Dobson | Chairman | James Bradford (Almshouses) Trustee | Parish Liaison Group
Tel: 01733 IMG_0586252192  





Rosemary Morton  | Vice Chairman | James Bradford (Almshouses) Trustee | Tarmac Liaison Group rep.

Alastair Bradley | Cambs. and Peterborough Association of Parish Councils rep. | Defibrillator management

Alex Driver | Speedwatch co-ordinator | Barnack Ward Group representative

David Dykes | Churchyard and Cemetery Overseer

Gill Jolly| Village Hall Committee representative

Lesley Newitt |Churchyard and Cemetery Overseer

Tim Thompson | Police Consultation Group representative | Barnack Ward Group representative

Jean Mead | Parish Councils Liaison Group rep.

Meetings require a quorum of three members for business to be legally transacted.

Syd Smith is The Parish Clerk (Proper Officer) and The Responsible Legal and Financial Officer. He can be contacted by email on or on 01733 252903


Copies of recent Parish Council minutes and other significant documents can be found by clicking the links below. The latest minutes are normally only published after approval at the next meeting: 

170308 March 2017 Minutes

170403 April 2017 Meeting

170509 May 2017 APC Minutes

170502 May 2017 Minutes

170604 Unaudited Return Notice

170606 JUNE 17 Minutes

170703 JULY 2017 minutes

170905 SEPT2017 Minutes

171003 OCT2017 Minutes

171107 NOV 2017 Minutes

171205 DEC 2017 Minutes

180109 JAN 2018 Minutes

180206 DRAFT FEB 2018 Minutes

180213 DraftFEB2 2018 Minutes

180226 MAR 2018 Agenda

180404 APM 2018 Agenda

180404 April 2018 Agenda




The revised Proposed Submission version of the Peterborough Local Plan for Peterborough has now been published. Helpston Parish Council’s comments and objections to this plan were sent to City Council this morning (19th Feb 2018) and are attached below for your information….

180215 PSVPLP

Those of you who read it through will note that the new Government directive “Planning for the right homes in the right places” has allowed the City to reduce its overall housing target and to do this they have taken the easy option of removing the proposed 2500 homes for Castor from the Local Plan. This one easy move has however, had no effect on their plans for Helpston and some other Medium villages. Simply put, the site HEL008H for 82 new houses on the proposed “site” off Broadwheel Road/West Street is still in that Plan.

The City have now submitted their Plan to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government via the Planning Inspectorate.

GROUNDSMAN: The contract has been awarded to Anglian Landscapes

180129 Tenders 2018-2019




Many thanks to all those who helped with the Litter Pick…..

To Cllr Alex Driver for organising the “Pickers”,

To Cllr Rosemary Morton for providing Scotsmans Lodge as a site for the skip,

To City Council for providing the Skip and Litter Bags,

To Willow Brook Farm Shop, John Clare Cottage and The Bluebell for feeding and watering all those who took part.

As usual, plenty of big and small rubbish was collected…. Cans, plastic bags, bottles, old kitchen units, dog poo and other unmentionables from our roadside verges and footpaths. I’m sure you will have noticed how much stuff had been dumped and, of course, it stays there until we pick it up. We don’t know how people can bring themselves to chuck rubbish in this way, but they do.



To discuss any matter please contact:-

  • Any of your local Parish Councillors – contact details are given above and in the Parish Council Notice Board  at the Village Shop
  • E-mail:

Your input and constructive involvement is welcome.



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