St Botolph’s Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) meets about every 6 weeks in Botolph’s Barn.

Its principal role is to work with Revd. Dave Maylor, the priest-in-charge, to promote the mission of the church in the parish – pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. It also has a responsibility for the good order of the Church fabric.

It  holds an Annual Parochial Church meeting (an annual general meeting) in April each year,  at which a written report is presented detailing the work of the church during the year. This includes the annual financial report and accounts.

The PCC membership includes the church warden , Clive Pearce.

The other members are
Kim Maylor (Secretary and Deanery Synod Rep.)
Carol Jones (Treasurer)
Sue Burt (Deanery Synod Rep.)
Kate Hinchliff
Joyce Stanton
Cathy Jones
Michael Permarker
Robert Dennis
Liz Roper
Sharon Ward
Gary Ward
+ Syd Smith (Minute Secretary)

Elections to the PCC are held at the Annual Parochial Church meeting . Please see Events Diary for the date.

For information about the work of the PCC, please call Clive Pearce on 01733 253494 or email

Recent PCC documents

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